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My John Deere Collection
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Please Feel Free To Contact Me. I love Hearing From My Show And Pulling Friends.

The Banter Brothers Bandit. I had the pleasure of getting to know Ralph And Dave Banter through our pulling involvement. You will find no classier guys anywhere. If you run into Ralph somewhere ask him how his John Deere B is running. And if you run into Dave ask him how Ralph`s John Deere G is doing. That`s a story all to itself! The sport of Truck & Tractor Pulling misses these legends of the tracks!


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Things warm up at The Twin Creek Grand Nationals in Inwood Ontario, Canada.


Plowing With My 1961 John Deere 4010 And John Deere F145 4x14 Plow


This Picture is one of my favorites. When I brought this 4010 home it was in pieces with the motor blown. The head and oil pan were off and had been for so long that the motor was stuck. The transmission was also stuck in 2 gears. Besides all that it was a real ugly sight. Everyone was convinced it would never run again. When I got it running I told them I was going to plow 30 acres with it. Of course they all thought I`d lost my mind so they wanted pictures of when it broke down again.  This picture was taken by a friend thinking that the tractor would never make it to the top of the hill. If you look closely at the tail wheel of the plow you will see what I call "A Ray Of Light From God". It seems in the picture that God was looking after the old 4010. How could anyone ever doubt an old John Deere when God is on it`s side?