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My John Deere Collection
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Some History About My John Deere Tractors


My 1944 John Deere B right after I got it home from Michigan.


 1956 John Deere 70 Diesel that I bought in Overbrook, Kansas. I got the ponymotor running and the tractor is running in this picture. It`s running pretty clean considering it`s about 30 degrees outside on November 25, 2004-Thanksgiving Day. 

1961 John Deere 4010 Gas ( now Diesel) serial number 2T 11302 I got this tractor in an even trade for an unstyled A. The motor was blown but in the deal I got a 341 CID combine motor to put in it. I rebuilt that motor and put it in and it dynos 88 HP. Then in December of 2001 I put a 404 John Deere Diesel out of a 7700 combine in it. My friends had a lot (not much good) to say the first time they saw this tractor. It looked a little rough but I painted it and now they think it is a lot better. This is the tractor we use for everything. If you have something to do, go get the 4010!
This is a picture of our 1969 John Deere 4520 known as Gracie. This tractor is a real powerhouse with the ass to back that up. Maybe you`d like to put  your Binder up against this one. I`d love it if you would!







My 1964 John Deere 5010 at home-finally!