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Here is your 2005 NTPA Grand National Super Stock Diesel Champion! Neil and Loren "Bud" Gettinger from Hagerstown, Indiana. Congratulations to the whole Gettinger family. A well deserved win and a great way to win it at home! This picture is the ring winning hook in Bowling Green, Ohio in 2005!





 This flag flies proudly along Coliseum Boulevard in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You have to see it to appreciate it`s true size.

  I live in a small town in Ohio. I grew up in this area farming with John Deere tractors and equipment. We attend many shows and pulls throughout the year. Anytime you`re at a show or pull, look for us, we`re probably there!

On this site I will tell you about our John Deere collecting and tractor pulling experiences. The collection consists of a 1944 John Deere B, 1950 John Deere A all-fuel, 1953 70 gas-the 736th one made, 1956 John Deere 70 Diesel, 1961 John Deere 4010 that was originally gas but now is a Diesel, 1964 John Deere 5010 known as Bullwinkle, 1969 John Deere 4520 known as Gracie and a 1973 John Deere 4430 Powershift known as Ronnie. These tractors go to shows but we use them every day too. I like to take an old John Deere that nobody else wants and make it usable again. There is nothing else like when you take one of these to the field for the first time!


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Having sold my G known as "Double Thunder" to a very nice man from southern Georgia I am now working on pulling my 4010. I bought a 7700 combine and put the motor off of it in the 4010. My friends are convinced this will lead to a disastorous clutch failure so just for them I call this tractor "Flirtin` With Disaster". The clutch in this tractor was built by Mark Foust so I don`t see it as a problem. If you don`t know Mark Foust he pulls a John Deere 7800 Diesel Super Stock known as "Another Buck".

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

My all time favorite John Deere, Warren Ropp from Kalona,Iowa on his 4555 "IronElk". The strongest member of the Deere family! 1986 NTPA Grand National Champion! This Picture is the 1992 edition of "IronElk". We had a little fun in Bowling Green and at The Ohio State Fair!


The 1986 version of the Ironelk


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This award means a lot to me. The creation and maintenance of a website is sometimes frustrating work to make it presentable. To have the people at Antique Tractors Online notice that work is an honor. My thanks to everyone at Antique Tractors Online.

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Dale Earnhardt is "the greatest driver in the history of auto racing" But that`s not what I remember most about Dale Earnhardt. I am a "dale fan" because Dale taught us all to pursue perfection and to never quit. A fire drove Dale Earnhardt to be the best, always. The image below was created to depict that desire to improve ourselves and never quit. May some of this fire burn on in all of us!


We`ve all seen Dale Earnhardt`s black #3 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Intimidating other Winston Cup drivers and winning races. But did you know that Dale Earnhardt was a John Deere man too? You might remember a Busch Beer commercial a few years ago featuring Dale Earnhardt on a John Deere tractor. I heard him tell the story of making that commercial during a TV interview. It went something like this.
They went down to Florida to shoot the commercial. When Dale stepped out of his car he saw a tractor that was not a John Deere. He asked what it was for and he was informed that it was the tractor for the commercial. Dale then returned to his car stating that "I only use John Deere tractors". He then became very comfortable in his car. It was then decided that a John Deere was going to be a necessity to finish the commercial. One was brought in and the commercial was finished. The interviewer asked Dale if he had John Deere tractors on his farm in North Carolina. Dale said "of course I do, I even have one that will run 27 MPH down the highway"!
Not only was Dale Earnhardt a great race car driver but he knew a good tractor when he saw one. I`m truly going to miss my fellow John Deere fan Dale Earnhardt!

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